Automated. Integrated.

myA is the first fully-customizable mobile assistant platform. Simply install the myA app to download hundreds of assistants (known as A`s) to your Android device. Whatever you need, there is an A to help you automate your daily tasks.

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What are A's?

A’s are digital mini-programmes, which simplify and automate your everyday. Whether it’s finding nearby cafés, sending messages automatically to your loved ones, or managing your devices remotely, A’s integrate with all your services to make life easier. Here are just a few examples of how A’s can help you:

Boost your productivity

Automatically mute your mobile at night
Receive smart notifications
Control your phone by voice

Be closer to the people that matter

Automatically send messages to your loved ones
Know what to give your friends on their next birthday
Find out which of your friends are single

Discover the world around you

Get restaurant suggestions for dinner after work
Find great deals when visiting a new city
Never miss your favourite bands when they are in town

Keep your privacy

myA does not work with third-party data companies and will not take any of your personal information. Even if you use services like Facebook through the myA app, your private data such as your address book will not be tracked or recorded. And just so you know exactly what your A’s are up to, their source code is open for public viewing.

Tailored for you, by you and your peers

A’s are completely open-source, so you can customize them to suit your individual needs. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to coding, you can use the myA platform to create an A to fit your lifestyle.

Create the ultimate A in three easy steps


Sign up to myA and install the app

No software is required to code A’s. All you need to do is sign up and login to to start creating an A customized just for you.


Code in the cloud

Develop your A from scratch, or adapt the source code from an existing A. With myA supporting 160+ device APIs and 40+ cloud services, the only limitation is your imagination.


Share and collaborate

Share your A with friends via social media and gain constructive feedback from our vibrant developer community to make it even better.

Make your mobile work for you

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